Interlud Game Designer - 2015 Project to create a children's park mixing reality and virtual with the LUTIN Userlab and the “Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie” of Paris. Interlud is an innovative and original concept which mixes reality and virtual. The children would play at home on the game. The game would then ask them to go to the park where they would accomplish different objectives which would have effects on their game. The park possesses interactive terminals which would help the children on their quests. I worked on the different interactions in the park, on the concept of the game and on the storytelling.
HabitAventures Game designer - 2015 This is a Chore game prototyped for a housing association, SIA Habitat, working with deprived neighbourhoods. A tender was then organized to develop a full game once the prototype was finished. On this project I did some benchmarking and some game design.
Machinary Project Manager - 2015 This is a machinima made with Little Big Planet 3 by 5 students within 3 weeks. It narrates the story of an individual who lives in a mechanical world and who is nothing more than a mere gear in this world. A fortunate event will make him discover colors and open his mind to freedom and creativity. I managed the team, worked on the scenario and on the machinima.
THe Willing Suspension of Disbelief Writer - 2015 This is a French essay about the Willing Suspension of Disbelief in video games. I focused myself on how the Willing Suspension of Disbelief serves the game and affects the player through the use of game mechanics, narrative, breaching of the fourth wall and ludonarrative dissonance. Download the PDF File
The Immersion in Metro 2033 Writer / Project Manager - 2015 This is a group French written essay about the player's immersion in Metro 2033. We focused on how the work of 4A Games on the universe and the details helps the immersion of the player grow to its apogee. Download the PDF File
TerMINUS Tout le monde descend !
This a board game created by a team of 4 students in 6 months on the theme of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre". In this game, players must bring serial killers in the houses of their opponents. Every player possesses a pile of cards with various effects to interact with other players. I designed the game mechanics and wrote the rulebook.
Colère sur la montagne sacrée Writer / Project Manager - 2013
This is a gamebook written by 4 students within a week on a prehistoric theme. I managed the team and wrote the scenario and dialogues. Download the PDF File
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